Research & Analysis

Providing Insights through Quantitative and Qualitative Research data

Looking for new and in-depth insights, with ‘never-before imagined-clues’, by mining into your company data, your market developments and customer experiences. Developing new tactics and strategies starts right here… Already nosy and beaten-up?

DOOR Research & Analysis is ready to walk you through a ton of research opportunities! And is providing Insights through Qualitative and Quantitative Research Data.


  • Market Research
    • Market research
    • Mystery visits and calls
  • Product Research
    • Focus Group Sessions
    • Product tastings & Testing
    • Brand & Identity Perceptions
  • Customer Loyalty Research Programs
    • Net Promotor Score
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    • Customer Experience Mapping
    • Customer Experience Attributes Surveys
    • Emotion Curves Research
  • Research Audits
    • Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) Audits
    • Quality Management Internal Audits
    • Safety Systems Audits
    • Environmental Audits


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